Ahold Delhaize Job Posting

Position:  Analyst II

Contact:  christian.ormond@retailbusinessservices.com

Location:  Quincy, MA

Position Summary:

Learn Site Location Research skills to identify and determine appropriate growth opportunities for Ahold Delhaize USA stores. Design, conduct and analyze a wide range of primary market research projects including new store, acquisition and location strategy studies in new and existing markets. Learn supermarket industry, competition & trends.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Learn to Perform Site location/market analysis – thoroughly evaluate market dynamics including competitive demographic and economic factors. Quantify the potential of one or several sites and select the best strategy for entering or expanding the market. Prepare a concise, written analysis recommending appropriate corporate strategy for senior executives.
•   Learn to Perform Acquisition studies – identify and evaluate potential supermarket and pharmacy acquisition candidates. Based on market analysis, recommend appropriate actions needed for stores once acquired.
•   Perform competitive retail unit evaluations to assess market strength and estimated sales volume.
•   Learn to Develop and incorporate new research tools including GIS and BI tools to further automate forecasting process.
•   Learn to Coordinate market strategy assessment process through multiple departments culminating with the real estate committee meeting(s).
•   Learn to Enlist support for recommended strategies among senior executives and several other associates in corporate development and other areas in the company.
•   Serve as a market resource and consultant to senior executives.
•   Serve as sales expert within district or districts for budgeting and three year plan sales projections.

Basic Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree

Desirable skill-sets:

•   Experience/Knowledge of supermarket operations/business
•   Strong Logic and Analytical Skills
•   Conversational & Presentation Skills
•   Experience with GIS (geographic information system)
•   Microsoft Software Suite: Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word