Downloads and Updates

The following table shows the files that are available for download.  Each file has a specific date (or version) associated, and the file size is shown in kilobytes.  Remember, some of the files are executable updates only and may not run unless you have a licensed version of the same program.

Salary & Benefit Survey 2017May 201772kb"2017 Salary & Benefit Survey Results." Survey Results.
Fresh Stores PowerPointMay 20168.3Mb"Fresh Stores." Chris Utz's PowerPoint from the 2016 Conference.
Gravity Modeling TheoryMay 20164.1Mb"Gravity Modeling Theory." This is the PowerPoint file for Jim Puffer's presentation at the 2016 conference.
Finding Hidden CustomersMay 20165.7Mb"Finding Hidden Customers." This is Jessica Herrera's PowerPoint presentation from the 2016 conference.
Misleading Maps and Statistics"May 20161.8Mb"Misleading Maps and Statistics." This is Kevin Anderson and Mike McGill's PowerPoint presentation from the 2016 conference.
Planned GroceryMay 2016551Kb"Planned Grocery." This is the Adobe PDF file for David Beitz's presentation at the 2016 conference.
Ace Express ReviewMay 20147.5Mb"Ace Hardware Express Follow-up" This is the PowerPoint presentation made by Mike Smith at the 2014 Conference.
Seasonal ForecastingMay 20135.3Mb"Forecasting for Seasonal Locations" This is the presentation made by Ed Smith at the 2013 Gravitec Store Location Conference.
SITESPLUS 2017.1 ReadMe file.Jan. 27, 202220KBA log of the most recent changes to SITESPLUS 2017.1.
SITESPLUS 2017.1 self-extracting zipped installation.Jan. 27, 20221.2GbSITESPLUS 2017.1 self-extracting, full installation.
SITESPLUS 2020.1 ReadMe file.May 19, 202210KbA log of the most recent changes to SITESPLUS 2020.1.
SITESPLUS 2020.1 self-extracting zipped installation.May 19, 2022821MbSITESPLUS 2020.1 self-extracting, full installation. This release is 64-bit only! It can co-exist with SITESPLUS 2017.1 (you can run both).
SITESPLUS 2022.1 self-extracting zipped installation.May 19, 2022902MbSITESPLUS 2022.1 self-extracting, full installation. This is a BETA TEST version. Do not attempt to download and install this version unless you have received instructions to do so.