SITESPLUS 2010 Change Log

The following changes and updates have been made to SITESPLUS 2010.1.  The items are listed in chronological order, most recent first.

DateChanges Made
Jan. 20, 2016Two missing reports have been added to the macro system. They are Store-Store Effective Distance (use "STSTEFFDIST") and Store-Store Distance (use "STSTDIST").

A new macro command allows you to send a report to an Excel sheet. Use "EXCELSEND". Here's an example:
July 22,2015Two changes have been made. 1) The upper limit to the number of sectors per model has been elevated to 8,000. 2) The SITESPLUS 2010 configuration file will now be created and used from within the SITESPLUS installation folder instead of within the Windows folder. This change was made to appease corporate IT departments.
Oct. 9, 2014If you tried to save data to an Excel file, you may have encountered a program crash. This error has been corrected.
Sep. 8, 2014Altered the "Excel Save" button in the Strategic Map to prevent possible crashes.
Sep. 2, 2014A few small bugs in the GIS portion of the program have been corrected. These bugs would sometimes make it difficult to use the UniqueID field for sectors.
Aug. 28, 2014Two bugs have been fixed in the GIS Setup area and the Strategic Map area. The removal of these errors should make the use of GIS easier.
June 5, 2014The maximum number of sister store pairs that can be entered into a model has been lifted from 400 to 800.
June 4, 2014The Internet -> Download command has been modified to correctly respond to the recent changes of the Gravitec web-site.
Feb. 10, 2014The maximum number of neighborhoods available has been raised from 200 to 400.
Nov. 14, 2013A user has reported errors when trying to load the demographics from the FIT program into the SITESPLUS FIT Demographics worksheet. This error only happened when the number of sectors was greater than 500. That "artificial" limit has been lifted to 2,000.
Nov. 8, 2013When running a macro, two of the FIT reports did not create the projected form of the report, but instead created the current form. These errors have been corrected.
In addition, a user has requested the ability to designate distance limits for macro reports. The correct macro-line format for designating a distance limit is:


where "max" is the distance limit, in miles.
May 8, 2013A user has reported that SITESPLUS is reporting distances incorrectly when the project is configured to use kilometers instead of miles. This error has been corrected.
April 12, 2013A user reports that converting leakage to one store is not working correctly if based on store powers. The command is working correctly if based on even distribution. The trouble was caused because SITESPLUS was not automatically calculating immediately after converting leakage based on store powers. This problem has been corrected.
March 15, 2013A new command has been added to assist in loading project data from outside sources. The command is "File | Load Tabbed Text File." This will cause SITESPLUS to open a text file of your choice and attempt to read lines of data, adding stores and/or sectors with each data line. Note that the first line MUST be a dictionary line describing the data lines to follow, and all fields MUST be separated using the [Tab] character (not spaces or commas). Download the Instructions
March 8, 2013If your project had store IDs that were quite large (greater than 1000) and you rebuilt one of those stores, SITESPLUS sometimes had trouble representing the new store ID correctly because of decimal-to-binary translation rounding. This problem would most often become visible when opening the project file and receiving Sister Store Addition errors. The problem has been corrected.
Dec. 17, 2012When using the [Excel Save] buttons in the Store or Sector datasheet, SITESPLUS would correctly generate the Excel files, but the column headers were not "database friendly." That is, the headers contained characters that are illegal in many database programs.

Those column headers have now been changed to be more database friendly. Note that the headers in the datasheets have NOT changed, only the headers in saved Excel files.
Dec. 15, 2012A user has requested an enhancement to the Data Map graphic, and we have added three new sector label choices:

Black population (count)
Hispanic population (count)
Asian population (count)
Dec. 11, 2012A user has reported a program crash during the editing of a very large project. The crash only happens if a neighborhood definition contains an extremely long line of characters, greater than 1,024. This error has been corrected.
Dec. 3, 2012Two changes have been made in response to user requests:

1. A new Change Balance Tolerances command has been added to the Calculate menu. For user with very large models, this command may enable you to save a tremendous amount of time by allowing you to perform the "Balance Powers" command to a limited state of completion.

SITESPLUS normally balances powers until the average misbalance per store is only $.33. During a "rough" balance in a large model, though, you may be able to tolerate a misbalance of $1,000 or more per store. Setting the misbalance figure to $1,000 may save as much as 90% of the balance time while achieving 98% of power accuracy.

2. The format for the Projected Chains-2 report has been changed slightly when requesting neighborhoods for the report. The market share figures previously had an asterisk ("*") appended to each market share, referencing a footnote below the report. When converting the report to an Excel sheet, Excel would not see those MS cells as a number because of the asterisk. The asterisk will now appear in the headings instead.