SITESPLUS™ contains one of the most sophisticated barrier/cross-point systems available. Your analysts can add an unlimited number of barriers to simulate rivers, cemeteries, golf courses, and other physical impediments to travel.   Each barrier can have up to 50 different cross-points to allow traffic through specific locations.

  • Barriers and segmented barriers can be added graphically using any of several maps, such as the Bing Data Map shown above. Cross-points can be added the same intuitive way.
  • Most maps will show the use of barriers and cross-points by drawing dashed red lines from a selected population sector to a selected store. The map above shows a barrier (gray line) and cross-point (green square) between store-16 and sector 14. The resulting distance is also displayed at the bottom of the window.
  • Barriers can be weighted to encourage or discourage consumer traffic between neighborhoods, helping to simulate psycho-social barriers.
  • SITESPLUS™ considers all barriers and cross-points when plotting the path between consumers and stores, not just one or two barriers.
  • Segmented barriers, such as a meandering river, can be added by simply clicking on each connection instead of entering each segment as a separate barrier.
  • Freeways that reduce travel time can be added and used to simulate drive times.