SITESPLUS Benefits of Use


SITESPLUS™ has a three-decade history of providing accurate sales forecasts to some of the largest supermarket companies in the U.S.

SITESPLUS™ is software to help you predict the sales of new stores, expanded stores, and remodeled stores including the effects of population changes, inflation, and competitive moves. SITESPLUS™ is based on a gravity-type spatial analysis that considers competitive locations, store traits, surrounding demographics, barriers, and other market characteristics.

Because SITESPLUS™ is a “closed” monetary system you can predict changes in sales for every store within the trade area, not just your new site. Analog and regression systems cannot do this.


With SITESPLUS™ you can:

  • Measure the potential sales for a new location before spending money on the site. You can even scan the trade area for better sites.
  • Measure the change in sales when an existing store is expanded or remodeled.
  • Measure the impact of your planned changes on other existing stores, including the cannibalization of your own sister stores.
  • Measure the impact of known competitive changes, such as new stores and expansions.
  • Measure the impacts of population changes and inflation.

Best of all, SITESPLUS™ can model any combination of the above forces.


See our Detailed List of Features page for a more comprehensive review of the SITESPLUS™ features. Here is a brief summary:

  • SITESPLUS™ works well with other data sources, such as STI: PopStats² and Trade Dimensions TDLinx³, and FIT¹.
  • Editing is done using an Excel-style editing system with powerful features.
  • A wide variety of reports are available using any of dozens of styles, and most reports can be sorted, filtered, and sent directly to a word processor.
  • SITESPLUS™ contains a built-in MapInfo “engine” so that you can work with your existing TAB files, geosets, and workspaces.
  • SITESPLUS™ can utilize Microsoft’s Bing Maps on-line data for the latest street and aerial maps to work with your trade area data.

¹FIT is a product of DSR Marketing Systems.  (847) 412-4677.
²PopStats is a product of Synergos Technologies, Inc.  (512) 343-1963.
³TDLinx is a product of The Nielsen Company.  (800) 988-4226.