One of the most popular features of SITESPLUS™ is the Bing┬╣ Data Map, which allows you to visualize your model, edit data, calculate, add barriers and cross-points, and display extra information for sectors. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • Stores can be displayed as colored pushpins or names colored according to chain membership.
  • Sector IDs are shown in blue with outlines in your choice of colors. You can display other information below the sector ID. In the image above we are displaying population below sector IDs.
  • Quickly add barriers, segmented barriers, and cross-points.
  • The red dashed line shows the pathway between the selected sector and store.
  • If you choose to show store or chain market shares, the sectors will be shaded and a legend shown.
  • Place your mouse over any store, sector, barrier, or cross-point, then use [Control][Click] to edit that same item. You can even calculate from the data sheet.
  • Use [Right][Click] on any store, sector, barrier, or cross-point, and SITESPLUS™ will display a small information window about that object.
  • You can move sector centroids and relocate stores to the exact corner location. Zoom in using the aerial mode to see the physical buildings.
  • Easily add a new store by clicking on the new store pushpin.

Use a circle to define a new neighborhood of stores and sectors.

┬╣Bing Maps is a product of Microsoft and is widely recognized as one of the best and most up-to-date mapping databases in the world.