SITESPLUS Bing Sectorizer

Utilizing Microsoft’s Bing mapping system, the SITESPLUS™ Bing Sectorizer is a powerful mapping system that allows you to define your trade area for a project¹. Whether your project is small or a major metro study, the Bing Sectorizer can drastically reduce the time it takes to get the exact store and sector data into your starting model.

Major features:

  • Select block groups and stores if you have the data.
  • Use block points from PopStats² to help correct population centroids.
  • The Bing Sectorizer works well with TDLinx³.
  • Select by drawing a circle, by drawing a polygon, or individually.
  • Multiple select operations will not cause redundancy.
  • Split large block groups.
  • Combine smaller block groups.
  • Use aerial views to help with precision.
  • Tooltips show you exactly which block group or store is beneath your cursor.
  • Work with very small areas, or with metros larger than 1,000 square miles.
  • Renumber your stores any way you wish at the end.

¹Some special data setup will be required, and Gravitec Development will be happy to assist in the process.
²PopStats is a product of Synergos Technologies, Inc.  (512) 343-1963.
³TDLinx is a product of The Nielsen Company.  (800) 988-4226.