SITESPLUS Bing Strategy Map

The Bing Strategy Map is a specialized mapping window that will help you to generate maps of store sales potential, chain sales potential, and more. With the Bing Strategy Map you can:

  • Shade your sectors according to store sales potential, chain sales potential, and other specialized themes.
  • Choose the sectors to be used in generating the theme, and control the individual curves and PWTA values used with each sector.
  • Control the SITE parameters including size, curve, PWTA, power, chain membership, and FIT¹ store type.
  • Save your strategic work into named data sets that will be recalled when you open your project.
  • Control a large variety of options, including the colors used, the legend specifications, sector outlines, display of stores, and much more.
  • Send your completed strategy map to the SitePad word processor.
  • Export the finished map image to an image file to be used by other applications.

¹FIT is a product of DSR Marketing Systems.  (847) 412-4677.