SITESPLUS Bing Thematic Map

When it’s time to present your results on a map, you will want to use the Bing Thematic Map in SITESPLUS™. Map store market shares, chain market shares, demographics, and other themes that make the trade area easily understood.

  • Select from a dozen different themes.
  • Each theme has a set of options that you control, such as shade colors, sector outlines, labels, trade area outline, store display, and much more.
  • Send the map directly to a SitePad document to go along with your reports.  SitePad is the SITESPLUS™ built-in word processor compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • Export a map to an image file in any of several formats.
  • Move store and sector labels to good display locations without having to alter sector centroids.
  • Each theme has a legend that can be dragged to any location, or can be entirely hidden.
  • Create a trade area boundary line in any color using any of three different methods, or hide the boundary completely.
  • Use aerial maps to zoom in close to a specific site to view the surrounding streets and other features.
  • Stores can be colored by chain membership.
  • Any site can be displayed with a bright red star for easy identification.
  • Block groups outside the trade area can optionally be shaded.