SITESPLUS Data Editing

Entering and editing data has never been easier than using SITESPLUS™. Most data editing windows are designed much like Excel workbooks, where each worksheet is one of the models in your project. Note the tabs near the bottom of the image below; we have a “Balance” model and a “Projection-1” model in our project, and we can easily access any of the data.

Here are some data editing features worth noting:

  • Nearly every data editing window has a [Cancel] button that will allow you to exit without saving your edits.
  • Many of the edit sheets can be sorted into a variety of orders. For example, the Store Data Sheet will allow you to sort the stores by ID, name, size, sales, chain, and other fields.
  • Stores can easily be opened or closed with a single button click.
  • By selecting multiple rows you can perform en masse edits on multiple objects, like raising every store curve by 5 points.
  • Data sheets allow use of clipboard operations, such as cut, copy, and paste so that you can move data between SITESPLUS™ and other applications. This makes it easy to copy data in from other databases.
  • Store and Sector Data sheets allow you to alter the views by changing font sizes or showing different sets of columns. For example, you can choose to hide the latitude and longitude columns.
  • Most Data sheets will allow you to save the data into Excel-compatible workbooks or Adobe PDF files.
  • Most Data sheets will allow you to make edits, then click on the [Calc] button to implement your changes and see the results immediately. All open reports will be automatically updated with the new information and calculated figures.
  • In store and sector data sheets, if you accidentally enter your lat/lon data reversed, just click on the [Switch Lat/Lon] button, and SITESPLUS™ will correct the mistake for you.
  • Any model can be locked so that accidental data changes are not possible. This is especially useful for the balanced model once it has been balanced to your satisfaction.