SITESPLUS Macro System

A Macro is a sequence of SITESPLUS™ commands that have been typed into a text file. SITESPLUS™ can interpret and execute these commands to perform the desired actions. If you perform a long sequence of reports and maps for each project, then this macro system can save you an enormous amount of time!

The very small macro shown below creates a single Totals report. Now imagine if we add more lines to produce a long series of reports and maps. With just a couple of mouse clicks you could run the macro and automate the entire process!

With macro system you can:

  • Create any report and specify which items are to be included. You can also sort the report, filter the report, specify the style to be used, and more.
  • Send any report to the SitePad word processor, to the SiteCalc spreadsheet workbook, or to the printer.
  • Add automated headings before each report, such as the project title, model name, report date, and other items to help remind you of the report specifics.
  • Add your own narrative lines.
  • Have the macro prompt you for specific items, such as report items, chain names, ring widths, narrative lines, and more.
  • Make changes to store or sector data.
  • Perform calculations after data changes.
  • Perform complex loops that include all of your models.
  • Perform one set of commands if the model is a balanced model, and a different set of commands if the model is a projection model.
  • Run your macro one line at a time to help find any errors of syntax.
  • Add your favorite macros to the Macros tab on the left side of the SITESPLUS™ main window. That way you can run any macro with a single mouse click.
  • Collect your favorite macros into different categories using your own category names. For example, you could have a “Balanced Model” category and a “Projection Model” category.

SITESPLUS™ has a built-in macro editor that you can use to create new macros or edit existing macros.