SITESPLUS MapInfo Work Map

If you are a MapInfo¹ user, you may want to explore our MapInfo Work Map. SITESPLUS™ can use your TAB files to create workspaces, or even load existing workspaces and geosets to create a map to your exact specifications.  You do NOT need to have MapInfo installed on your computer!

  • View all of the mapping layers in your trade area.
  • Get quick details of each item in your model, such as stores, sectors, barriers, etc.
  • Edit most of the main model items, such as stores, sectors, etc.
  • Use the Store Buddy to do extended edits, such as manual curves, loyalty factors, and more.
  • Calculate and, if needed, balance powers.
  • Add barriers, segmented barriers, and cross-points visually.
  • Define or redefine neighborhoods.
  • View the distances between stores and sectors.
  • Verify the way SITESPLUS™ is actually using barriers, cross-points, and freeways.
  • Move the location of items, such as stores, sectors, and barriers.
  • Export your map to an image file in a variety of formats.
  • Create new MapInfo TAB files for the stores, sectors, barriers, etc.

¹MapInfo is a copyrighted product of Pitney Bowes, Inc.