SITESPLUS Reporting System

SITESPLUS™ can generate dozens of different reports that describe the trade area, demographics, competitive environment, sales changes, chain sales, and even compare two or three models of the project side-by-side. The reports are “dynamic” because they will automatically update with your data changes.

Here are some of the more important features of the SITESPLUS™ report system:

  • Each report window has a title bar that shows you the model used to create the report, the name of the report, and whether the report is a “current” or “projected” form.
  • The report system contains 30 report “styles” that you can select from for each report. These styles specify the fonts, colors, highlighting, and more. Or, you can create your own!
  • You can create collection of reports and styles into “themes” that allow you to easily switch the specific set of styles used for reports.
  • With a single click of the mouse you can send the report to our Word-compatible word processor, or our Excel-compatible spreadsheet. You can save those documents in a wide variety of formats compatible with Microsoft and Adobe.
  • For wide reports, you can send the report to our word processor scaled down to fit.
  • Most reports allow sorting by a large number of fields.
  • Many reports allow special filters, such as “Show me all stores with sizes greater than 30,000 feet in size.”
  • You can select the items for reports manually, by chain, or even by neighborhood.
  • Larger reports can be printed or sent to the word processor with pages properly broken and heading columns and rows preserved.
  • You can choose to select special automated headings, such as the project title, file name, model name, date, report conditions, and more. These headings will then be sent to the printer or word processor before each report.
  • For store reports you can choose to highlight any set of stores or chains. In the example above we highlighted Wally World.