SITESPLUS: Spotting Data

If you have customer spotting data through store intercepts or a loyalty database, SITESPLUS™ can use that data in a variety of ways to help assure accurate sales projections. Once the data have been entered into your project, your analysts can compare their balanced model to the spotting data and make the alterations to improve the correlation between the two sets of data.


SITESPLUS has a variety of reports to show how well the balanced model and spotting data parallel each other.

  • The Correlation report, show on the right, measures the correlation of the two sets of data.
  • The Spotting Analysis report shows how well the two data sets are correlated by distance, direction, and also shows the sectors with the largest differences.
  • The Manuals reports compare the spotting data and balanced model data with any manual powers or curves that have been used.


The simple Correlation Map provides visual cues for the analyst to help find problem areas, allowing him to view any of several data fields for the stores and sectors.