FIT is a product of DSR Marketing Systems.
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The FIT¹ Program provides a well-researched way to differentiate between store formats when arriving at market strategies or forecasting sales for individual supermarkets.  For example, upscale/service formats will typically perform better in higher income areas and less well in lower income areas, while educational achievement is more important for natural/organic food stores.  To be able to forecast sales accurately, the analyst must have a way of matching each store’s format with the immediately surrounding demographics.

FIT is the result of comprehensive analyses of Image Audit consumer research studies conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada in recent years.  The results provide proprietary formulas that link thirteen different store types — including Aldi, Sprouts, and Whole Foods — with consumer demographics.

The SITESPLUS™ software provides an intuitive interface showing FIT program results, allowing the analyst to refine forecasts based on store types and different demographic variables.  A large variety of reports are available.

Better yet, the Bing Thematic Map also provides a way of viewing FIT results visually, making site selection even easier.  The map shown below makes it clear where the “Whole Fds” store type could seek a next site (and where it shouldn’t).

¹FIT is a product of DSR Marketing Systems.  (847) 412-4677.