About Us


Gravitec Development was founded in 1993 by James Puffer.  The company was organized when all software copyrights were purchased from Howard L. Green & Associates, Inc.  These software copyrights included POWER:SITE and POWER:PCW, which eventually evolved into SITESPLUS™ and WIN:PCW.
Gravitec rapidly established its reputation as a trend setter when it designed and released WIN:SITE in 1995.  It was the first Windows-based gravity system for supermarkets.
Gravitec has been profitable and healthy every year since its founding with annual revenues and profits increasing steadily.  New product offerings, such as SITESPLUS™, and carefully planned marketing have made Gravitec the market share leader in supermarket sales forecasting systems.
In addition, the annual Gravitec Store Location Conference has become the only serious conference in the country devoted to location analysis and supportive technology.

The Founder

James Puffer began working with computerized forecasting systems in 1980 at Retail Systems, Inc. in Minneapolis.  During his years there Mr. Puffer helped to redesign and refine LOCUS, which was the leading sales tool used by supermarkets at that time.  In 1983 Mr. Puffer designed and created the PC version called MICRO LOCUS.

Since leaving Retail Systems Mr. Puffer has designed and authored many forecasting systems, including SITESPLUS™ and WIN:PCW, the two most widely used sales forecasting systems in the world today.  He has authored specific systems for Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, and other countries.

Mr. Puffer’s educational background included undergraduate and graduate studies in psychometrics at Iowa State University, and theoretical mathematics at the University of Minnesota, and advanced mathematics at  Wayne State University in Detroit.
Mr. Puffer is not only a highly skilled and experienced software engineer, but also an experienced site analyst.  He has conducted many studies from California to New York to Canada and Europe.  His technical skills combined with his practical experience as a functioning site analyst have made Mr. Puffer unequaled in his abilities to provide forecasting solutions for other supermarket companies.

Our Clients

Our clients include some of the largest and most profitable retailers and wholesalers in the world, including Supervalu, Kroger, Safeway, Wegman’s, Wakerfern Food Corp., Hannaford Bros. Co., Stop & Shop, BI-LO, Giant of Carlisle, Food Lion, Roundy’s, SpartanNash, Schnucks, and dozens of others.  In fact, 7 out of the top 10 supermarket chains use SITESPLUS™, the most advanced predictive system available for supermarkets.

Gravitec has also provided expert advice and consulting services to dozens of wholesalers, retailers, other consulting firms, as well as to legal departments and city planners.