Video Resources

The following table shows the list of videos that are currently available.  They are typically NOT downloaded, but are streamed to your computer.  This list is still growing, so keep watching for new resources!

Introduction to SITESPLUS
January 30, 202319 minutesThis video describes the major benefits and features of the SITESPLUS software, providing a tour of the techniques and methods for major operations.
Learning SITESPLUS: Using BarriersJanuary 13, 202320 minutesThis video shows how to add barriers and cross-points to your SITESPLUS model, and how to review their use.
Learning SITESPLUS: Bing Data MapNovember 28, 202216 minutesThe Bing Data Map is loaded with features to help you edit and visualize data. This video will show you how to use the most important features.
Learning SITESPLUS: Bing SectorizerNovember 21, 202212 minutesIf you have PopStats data, you should be using the SITESPLUS Bing Sectorizer to build your trade areas for modeling. This video will show you how easy it is.